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Known Bugs






When set 0 to [RTP Session Timeout(ms)] field, call will be disconnected when Brekeke SIP Server relay RTP packets.


Set a larger number in the field when need longer time out for RTP connection

Fixed in 3.3.x

Configuring 3rd Party Database causes Alias Table Connection Problems.


Update your software with v2.1.6.6 or higher.

Fixed in

NOTIFY/OPTIONS/MESSAGE requests may cause a system-down.

1) Add the following DialPlan rule. 
[Matching Patterns]

[Deploy Patterns]
$session = SingleRequest

2) Add the following variable in the [Configuration] -> [Advanced] page.

3) Restart the SIP Server.

Fixed in

Upper/Thru Registration doesn’t accept TCP


Fixed in

Some of SIP UA can’t register correctly.

If a Thirdparty database is used, the [User Authentication] page and [Registered Clients] page may not be shown.

1) Go to [Configuration] -> [Database/Radius] page. 

2) Set the same values of “Thirdparty Registered Database” or “Thirdparty Users Database ” for “Thirdparty Alias Database”. 

3) Restart the SIP Server.

Configuring 3rd Party Database causes loss of password and connection

Reference: None

Enter passwords for both Registered and Users database settings each time you save changes.

Fixed in

SIP Server [call logs] shows ” Disconnected by System” in [Status] if talking length is longer than BYE timeout (default: 1min)

set the following parameter at SIP Server>[Configuration]>[Advanced] and restart SIP Server from admintool 
net.sip.timeout.expand.bye = false

Fixed in v2.4.3.9


$request definition doesnot work in Deploy Patterns

works with previous version

Fixed in



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