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Display Accumulated Time by Reason Code in Real time Agent Report on CA

Note: This feature is available on Brekeke CCS or later.


On the realtime agent report in Brekeke CA, the accumulated time by reason code of each agent state can be shown with the following variables:
dicTimeStateReasonReady : accumulated time of each reason code on ready
dicTimeStateReasonIdle : accumulated time of each reason code on Idle
dicTimeStateReasonTalking (dicTimeStateReasonOncall) :accumulated time of each reason code on talking
dicTimeStateReasonWrapup :accumulated time of each reason code on Wrapup
dicTimeStateReasonWork : accumulated time of each reason code on Work



Step 1. Set the following advanced property at tenant > [Settings] > [Engine]>[Advanced Options] on Brekeke CA.

summary.method.agent.state.reason.time = sum


Step 2. On the define page of your realtime agent reports, using “$func.dictionary.get” function, get the values of above variables.


$func.dictionary.get( $dicTimeStateReasonWork, 'documentation' )
$func.dictionary.get( $dicTimeStateReasonReady, 'on the Desk' )
In above examples, we assumed that the reason code of Ready state “on the Desk” and the reason code of Work state “documentation” have already been created before.
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