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Capture Packets with Wireshark

To solve problems efficiently, Wireshark, free network analyzer, is a useful tool to monitor SIP and RTP packets.

Capture packets

1. Install Wireshark at the machine where Brekeke products running.

2. Click on “Options” icon on the toolbar,here is a list of toolbar icons 

– choose [interface] and network adapter
the IP address used by Brekeke server will show
– select [Display Options]
it is better to check [update list of packets in real time] and [Hide capture info dialog] and uncheck the other one

3. Click on [start] button to captured the packets

4. Click stop icon on the toolbar to stop capturing

5. To view only SIP packets, type “sip” in the [Filter] field and press Enter. Only SIP packets will be displayed. *1

6. Save packets as .pcap file


*1.When sending a capture file to technical support, please send the entire capture file without filtering, including all packet information.

For more information about how to use Wireshark, please check Wireshark User Guide


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