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Listen to the call from RTP packets

Listen to the call from RTP packets

1. Open the capured packets with Wireshark

2. Select [Statistics] > [VoIP Calls]

3. In the popup window of detected calls, highlight the call you want to listen and click [Play] then [Decode]

4. In the RTP Player window, select the dircetion of the call and play


Retrieve the ulaw data from captured packets

1. Open the file by wireshark

2. From menu bar, click [Statistics]>[RTP]>[Show all stream]

3. From pop-up “RTP Streams” window, select the stream you want to retrieve and [Analyze] button

4. From pop-up “RTP Stream Analysis” window, click [Save payload]

5. At next window, select

[Format]: .raw
[Channels]: forward
[Selection:] text area: type in a file name end with .ul (such as: test.ul)

6. Click [ok] to save the RTP stream as .ul format


To convert ul file to wav file

1. Download SoX sound exchange program from

2. From command line, run “sox test.ul test.wav” to convert ul file to wav format

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