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Information needed for technical questions

I want to post a technical question at the Brekeke, what information should I need to tell ?

If you post a technical question at the Brekeke Forum, please follow the following template question as shown in the topic-form.

  • Brekeke Product Name and version:
  • Java version:
  • OS type, version and IP address:
  • UA (phone), gateway or other hardware/software involved (product information, IP address, and phone numbers):
  • Select and write your network pattern type from¬†
  • Your problem:
    • Any system changes before the problem
    • Time when your problem happened, your timezone (ex. 18:00 UTC -7)
    • Detail of phenomenon
    • Frequency of the problem. It can be reproduced or not.
  • Debug log (If required): (How to get debug logs)
  • Browser’s console log (In the cases that the problem related to the browser happens.)
  • Screenshot (In the cases that a problem on the screen, or error messages are displayed, etc.)
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