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How to get browser console logs

Analysis of browser console log is one of the most effective way to solve a browser problem.

Here is the instruction to get console logs which can be used to analyze by our support team.



1. Open DevTools.

Right-click on the browser that has a problem, and click [Inspect] on the menu. (Or press [Ctrl + Shift + i].)

Example 1: Brekeke PBX Web Phone


Example 2 : Brekeke CIM WebRTC Client


2.  Open the [Console] on the DevTools.

3.  Select [messages] on the left menu to show all console messages.

4. Click the setting button and confirm that conditions’ check boxes are checked properly like the following picture.

5. Right-Click on the displayed console logs in DevTools screen, and select [Save as…] on the menu to save them.


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