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How to get debug logs 


Log analysis is one of the best ways to resolve a system problem. Here is the instruction to get “debug logs” which can be used to analyze by our support team. 

  1. Log in the product admintool and go to the [SYSTEM] -> [Diagnostics] page.
  2. Check boxes of logs that are appropriate for your case. If you do not know what categories should be checked, check all categories.
  3. Save the settings and restart the Brekeke software from [MAINTENANCE]->[Start/Shutdown] page.
  4. Reproduce the issue that you’d like support team to analyze.
  5. Download the debug log file from [SYSTEM] ->[Diagnostics] page.
  6. Go back the log settings (step #2) and uncheck the boxes and save, then restart Brekeke software.

 *The[Diagnostics] menu is available in vresions of Brekeke SIP Server/PBX v3.5 or later.

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