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How to log SIP packets

High logging level may reduce the server performance. Change logging level for debug purpose only and remove logging setting after debug.
SIP packets are saved in sv.*.*.log under
<Brekeke SIP Server installation directory>\webapps\sip\WEB-INF\work\sv\log\


Logging all SIP packets through Brekeke SIP Server

Setup on Brekeke SIP Server

1. Go to Brekeke SIP Server Admintool > [Configuration] > [Advanced] page
2. Set proxy logging level to 255

dialplan.debug.log = true

3. Save the setting and restart Brekeke SIP Server from admintool


Logging SIP packets through a certain dial plan

Edit the dial plan which you need to log the SIP messages
and add following setting in the dial plan Deploy Patterns

[Deploy Patterns]
&net.sip.loglevel.file = 255
Logging Variables

The logging level of the Registrar. (default: 0)



The logging level of listener. (default: 0)



The logging level of the Proxy. (default: 0)



The logging level for TCP connections. (default: 0)



Dial plan rule matching patterns details. (default: false)


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