Brekeke SIP Server Wiki

Monitoring and Diagnostic

Enable TLS Logs

1. Set the following parameters from Brekeke SIP server Admintool > [Configuration] > [Advanced]

page.TLS packet log:

net.tls.loglevel.file = 255

TLS reject log:

net.sip.tls.log.reject = true

Certificate and Protocol Information: = true

SIP Proxy Log:

net.sip.loglevel.file = 255


net.registrar.loglevel.file = 255

2. Restart the Brekeke SIP Server from admintool

3. Log files are stored in the following folder:



Diagnostic Commands

To accept a diagnostic command request, set the following from Brekeke SIP server Admintool > [Configuration] > [Advanced] page:

sipadmin.cmd.hosts.allow =pattern of PC IP address

This is a Regular-Expressions pattern to express an IP address of a remote PC which sends a diagnostic request. For example, set as:

sipadmin.cmd.hosts.allow = ^172.16.



Access the following URL from the localhost or a remote PC.

Show the List of TLS Connections:


Show the List of Ports:


Show the List of SIP Sessions:

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