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Change system log file size

The following variables can be used to change the system log file size generated by Brekeke SIP Server.

At Brekeke SIP Server Admintool > [Configuration] > [Advanced] page, set the variables below and restart Brekeke SIP Server from Admintool.


file.log.system.size = 15728640
file.log.system.overflow = 2

(15728640 Bytes = 15MB)

Default log file size is 512MB (536870912 Bytes)
Default “file.log.system.overflow” value is 3.

The value can be set to “file.log.system.overflow”
0 = continue appending logs to the same file
1 = the overflowed file will be deleted, only latest log will be saved
2 = the overflowed file will be renamed as a different file
3 = new log will not be added any more when overflow happens


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