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Brekeke CIM Scripting Guide

Brekeke Customer Interaction Manager (Brekeke CIM) is a software for building a call center. By creating scripts in JavaScript, the Brekeke CTI Server can control behaviors such as the rules for assigning agents and the order to put calls in the queue.


Brekeke CIM is written in Java and the JavaScript will be executed by the Java scripting module. For more information about the JavaScript syntax or the Java scripting, please refer to the following documentation:


You can use the script for the following five processes:

  • DNIS Function
  • Queue, Position function
  • Agent Selection, Filter function
  • Agent Selection, Priority Function
  • Executed from the screen, view the information or change the internal state.


Please refer to “Brekeke Customer Interaction Manager Administrator’s Guide” for more information on how to configure and process these scripts and process.
This document describes the available objects from these JavaScript functions.


In addition to the classes mentioned in this document, you can access the Java standard API or your own class from the script. If you would like to access your own Java class, then you will need to place the folder hierarchy of the package name under WEB-INF/classes or place it under WEB/lib as a jar file format.


Please do not access other classes offered by Brekeke CIM that are not included in this document. Even with the classes documented here, please avoid accessing the member Methods or Member Fields that are not documented.


*This document does not describe the IVR scripting for Brekeke PBX. Please refer to “ Brekeke PBX IVR Script Developer’s Guide” for more information on IVR scripting.

*This document does not describe the JavaScript interface for CIM Client. Please refer to “ Brekeke CIM Client Developer’s Guide” for more information on the JavaScript interface for CIM Client.

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