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Brekeke CA Version History (Nov 5, 2021)

– Added new advanced option to CDR server to display agent name even offline in agent category of real-time report = true / false (default)
– Workaround for Firefox not immediately reducing the number of sessions after closing a real-time report
– Fixed an issue where the agent category in real-time reports would show the agent’s online time during the time zone at logout.
– Fixed an issue where agents with no operational data for the day were displayed in the agent category of real-time reports
– Fixed an issue where time-to-day calls would be reflected in past aggregates in real-time reports
– Added new HTTP interface for externally restarting applications
– Minor bug fixes and feature improvements (Aug 18, 2021)

– Fixed an issue where the maximum number of reporting sessions in the tenant resource settings was not applied correctly
– Fixed an issue where trigger actions did not work in timeline data mode for real-time tables
– Functional improvement ( Jul 26, 2021)

– Modification of CDR server logic for outside line incoming / outgoing support during post-processing of CIM v2.7.5.14
– Review of advanced options to extend the scope of access to SV call history and call recordings
・ = true/false(default)
・ = true/false(default)
・ = true/false(default)
・ = true/false(default)
– Minor bug fixes and feature improvements (Apr 16, 2021)

– Addresses an issue where real-time reporting sessions tend to time out under certain conditions (Mar 26, 2021)

– Fixed an issue with delayed response when real-time reporting sessions increased
– Minor bug fixes and feature improvements (Jan 28, 2021)

– Enhanced to be able to aggregate multiple agents or ACDs involved in a call into a key in a custom category of real-time reports
– Added a new sumSplitTime variable to get the amount of time for each timetable of the sumTime * variable in the real time report.
– New advanced options to extend the range of timetable intervals for real-time reports
—Realtime.engine.timetable.divisions.available = n1, n2,…. (3:20, 4:15, 6:10, 12: 5)
– Tighter file name naming conventions for CSV output of real-time tables
— (<Category> _ <report_name> _ <date> _ <filter1> _ <filter2> .csv)
– RFS v2.7.5.14 voice recognition enhancements with speaker isolation support (beta)
– Minor bug fixes and feature improvements

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