Brekeke Contact Center Suite Wiki

CRM Call Results List

Call Result Meaning
Abandoned In case of the predictive dialing, no agent is assigned after customer answers.
AMD Detected as an answering machine by AMD.
Answered by other person Assigned by an agent.
Busy Response code 486 / 600 was received.
Cancel (Other reason) Another response code was received.
Completed Assigned by an agent.
Device Error Response code 404 was received. / Response code 480 was received. / No response from the destination (even response code 100 was received).
Don’t Call List The destination was on the don’t call list.
Error System internal error.
Invalid customer’s data The destination entry did not have any phone number.
Invalid Number Response code 404 was received.
Not Answered Canceled from the system or an agent.
Not completed(other reason) Assigned by an agent.
Out of range Response code 409 / 500 /503 was received.
Transition In predictive dialer mode, the calls transferred to the destination that is set as “Transfer To” field.
Unprocessed The code initially assigned.
Voicemail Assigned by an agent.
Wrong number Assigned by an agent.
Yes No
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