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Brekeke CCS supports a notification feature that allows sending customized notifications to agents.

Note: The notification feature is available on Brekeke CCS v.2.7.8 or later.



An agent receives a notification when a scheduled call has expired.


Step 1. Create a new script as “calllist_expired” in CRM as shown below,

var expired = function(tenant,workspace,project,calllist){
     var map = new java.util.HashMap();
     map.put("message","Private callback expired.");
var agent = calllist.getAgent_id();
if( !agent ){
//agent is not assigned.
     var url = '/crm/agentInitUI?loginkey=#loginkey#&workspace_id='
+ workspace.getWorkspace_id() + '&project_id=' + project.getProject_id()
+ '&reserve_calllist_id=' + calllist.getCalllist_id();
     map.put("action","var url = $event.widget.translateUrl('" + url +
"');$event.widget.requestAppPopup({'url': url ,'appSpan':0});");
     var result = tenant.sendNotification(agent, map);
     return "ok";


Step 2. Add the following property to the Advanced settings on CRM.



Step 3. Login as an agent. The information icon blinks when a notification is received.

The agent can view the details of the notification by clicking the button.



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