Brekeke Contact Center Suite Wiki

6. ContactInfo Class

This class manages the contact information of the other party on the call. Normally, it is used for an outbound call only.
It can be retrieved using CallInfo.getContactInfo() Method Detail.


Field Detail:

1. agent

Agent agent
The agent object.


2. app_info

String app_info
The application specific parameters.


3. app_url

String app_url
The application URL.


4. contactid

String contactid
The contact ID configured in the application.


5. customer

String customer
The number of the customer.


6. customer_info

String customer_info
The customer information


7. from

public String from
The PBX User who originated the call.


8. log_param

String log_param
The parameter to be output to the log.


9. type

short type
The type of dialing
1 – Progressive dialing
2 – Predictive dialing
3 – Preview dialing


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