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Brekeke CRM Version History (Nov 11, 2021)
– Fixed the issue (degradation due to v2.7.5.15 improvement) that application could not be started in single tenant mode. (Nov 02, 2021)
– Added a new script event to transform input numbers when searching for phone numbers
search.telno.transform.function = <script_name>.<function_name>

– Optimized the load processiong of the new Agent View screen (beta)
– Supports the “email” type on the UC web chat(Brekeke UC v1.2.7 or later) (beta)
– Fixed some garbled characters at calendar on Tomcat
– Fixed the problem that in the multi-tenant environment the preview call reservation can be made in the tenant where the Dialer function is disabled.
– Fixed  the problem that the layout of the customer search dialog of the Agent View screen is broken in Google Chrome version 91.
-Added the new advanced option that allows Click calls (external calls) during Wrap Up state on the Agent View screen.

– Fixed the issue that SVs could see jobs and workspaces that they do not have access to
– Added some new advanced options to specify customer auto search operation mode for each contact source when Agent View screen pops up
・ = 0:search & init(default), 1:search only, 2:init only
・ = 0:search & init(default), 1:search only, 2:init only
・<identifier>.1-5.mode = 0:search & init(default), 1:search only, 2:init only

– Modified to record secondary outgoing calls within the same contact as outgoing call history
– Enhanced the Agent View screen and server side logic that support external incoming / outgoing calls during Wrap Up state on CIM v2.7.5.14.
– Fixed the problem that customer information that has numeric fields cannot be imported with update mode

– Fixed the problem that contents are not displayed properly when “Reservation number” in the  “Basic information”  section is not placed on the Agent View screen.
– Added a new advanced option to change the maximum number of error information displayed in customer data import results

– Added the new HTTP interface that allow to restart application from outside.
– Fixed minor bugs (Jan 28, 2021)
– Improved so that the project is not fixed at the time of transfer due to the addition of the sub ACD function on CIM v2.7.5.12

– Enhancements associated with the enchanced feature that supports Speaker separation on the voice recognition function on RFS v2.7.5.14  (Beta)
– project.getWorkSpace()..importCustomer(list,errorContinue) added to API for scripting
– Fixed minor bugs

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