Brekeke Contact Center Suite Wiki

Example 1 : Contact Result Report ( Key: Project + Contact Result )

Create a report with “Project” and “Contact Result” as keys.



Step 1. Set the following parameters at [Tenant]>[Settings]>[Engine]>[Advanced options]. = {"name":"Project","field":"callProjectId","caption":"callProjectInfo","includeBlank":false} = {"name":"Contact Result","field":"curResult1","includeBlank":false}

* Brekeke CA can create 5 custom data sources with the custom1-custom5 parameters. In this example, the parameter “custom5” is used for creating a new custom data source. If the “custom5” parameter has already been used for other purpose, please use another one.


Step 2. Create a new report like the follows;

Data source : custom5
Data Mode : record
formula :$sumCall+$sumCallShort+$sumCallInvalid


Step 3. You can see the new report like following picture.

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