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Brekeke Contact Center Suite (CCS) is a collection of software for building a hosted call center/contact center system. The software programs included in the suite are; Brekeke Customer Interaction Manager (CIM), Brekeke Contact Analytics (CA), Brekeke CRM, and Brekeke Recording File Server(RFS).


cim_image001.pngBrekeke Customer Interaction Manager (CIM)
Provides core contact center features (ACD, dialing engine, log, agent management)

ca_image002.pngBrekeke Contact Analytics (CA)
Real-time and historical reports (agent map, graph)

crm_image003.pngBrekeke CRM
Layout designer for agent’s interface, agent’s talk script, campaign management, workflow management, customer information management, outbound dialers

rfs_image004.pngBrekeke Recording File Server (RFS)
Call recording, File management, Index search, Auto deletion, Integration with AI analytics


Instruction for installing Brekeke CCS can be found at the “Installation” section in each manual:

Brekeke CCS Manuals >>


We have the step by step installation videos, too!

Brekeke CCS Training Videos >> 

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