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Setup Aculab CPA on Brekeke CCS


• Brekeke PBX version or later
• Brekeke CCS version 2.7.5 or later
• Microsoft Windows 2012 or later
• Aculab v6.7



1. Install Aculab and It’s license for Prosody S. (Refer to the Appendix1.)

2. Create a folder as “<PBX-root folder>\webapps\pbx\WEB-INF\work\pbx\cpa

3. Place “cpa.exe” and “” files under the folder you created at step 2.

* If you would like to enable fax detection feature of Aculab,you need to set the parameter “sm_ans_listen_for=1” in the

4. Right click on ”cpa.exe” icon and select the [Properties] menu.  From the [Compatibility] tab, check the [Run this program as an administrator].

5. Open the command prompt as administrator and change the current working directory to the cpa folder which you created in step 1.  Enter “cpa -install” there.

6. Check to see if “B Call Progress Analysis” is listed in Windows Services.  You can start the service from Windows Services or type “net start B_CPA” from the command prompt.  With default installation, the service will automatically start after restarting the machine.



• In Brekeke CRM, enter the following filelds at the [Dialer] >[Dialer Settings] page.

– [AMD Name]: Enter cpa name with lowercase alphanumeric characters
– [AMD Transfer To]: Enter the destination that system forward a call to when AMD detects an answering machine.



1. Type “net stop B_CPA” from the command prompt to stop the service.

2. Type “cpa -remove” from the command prompt to remove from the Windows Service list.

3. Delete all the files.



Installation of Aculab
Here is an example of installation of Aculab. For detail of Aculab products’ installation, refer to Aculab website.

1.   Download Aculab Installation Tool (AIT) (

2.   Setup AIT

Execute a downloaded exe file like ”setup_AIT_64.exe”.

3.    Install Aculab software by using AIT.

Open AIT and Create new package at [File] >[New package]

After download the package list, install them.

4.   Close AIT

5.   License activation

Log in your aculab web license management site. Then submit license. (Please ask your administrator.)

6.   Copy the created license key at the web site. (Please get it from your administrator)

7.   Open Aculab Configuratin Tool (ACT)

Move to [Prosody S] page and click [Add] button. Enter any “Serial Number” and “Security Key”.

8.   On ACT, Move to [License Manager] > Select “Prosody S” and click “Install” button.

Set license Key that you get step6.

9.  Open the command prompt of windows and execute the command  “sipserv -gkl“.

10. Open the created sipserv.cfg file under the “<Aculab install folder>\v6\cfg” folder and to avoid port confliction, change all “5060” entries to “272” in the file.  Also you can set log file parameter like “Logfile = 10” for in case of troubleshooting.

11.  Restart the server machine.

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