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Tuning night-time batch process that deletes customer data

Available on Brekeke CRM 2.8.x or later

Advanced options on Brekeke CRM.

Number of customer data got by each query.(previous version is fixed as 500)

customer.autodelete.records=500 (default value is 500)


Data deletion processing interval at which DB commit is performed. If it is “1” commit is performed at each deletion process. (previous version is fixed as 500)

customer.autodelete.db.commit.records=1 (default value is 1)


Interval at which the project summary information held in memory is refreshed. If it is 10000, when 10000 records are deleted, project summary info in the memory will be refreshed.



Night-time batch processing maximum time (mins). If an actual processing time of the night-time batch reaches this value, the night-time batch is stopped.


1440 (mins) = 24 hours

Maximum processing time of deleting process started by the user on the screen. (5mins)



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