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WebRTC Terminal - Change settings

You can change the configulation of WebRTC Terminal at Brekeke CIM User menu >[Settings] >[WebRTC Terminal], or  Group menu > [WebRTC Terminal].

* If “Individually” is selected at Group menu > [WebRTC Terminal] section,  WebRTC settings become editable at each user’s [WebRTC Terminal] section.


<Group settings>


<User settings>


  • WebRTC Terminal : If “Use”,  WebRTC Terminal can be used.
  • Video : If “Enable”,  video is available.
  • Auto Answer: If “Enable”, auto answer is on.
  • Option(JSON): Advanced settings can be configured with JSON formula.


Advanced Settings at Option (JSON)


Example 1 : Turn on the ring tone.
  "ringTone": true


Example 2 : Turn on the ring tone, and change frame rate of video to 2 fps.
  "ringTone": true,
  "callOptions": {
    "mediaConstraints": {
      "video": {
        "frameRate": 2


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