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Announcing Brekeke Version 3.0 Release (5/2012)

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— Announcing Brekeke Version 3.0 Release

Version 3 is the next-generation release of Brekeke SIP Server & Brekeke PBX
In addition to overall quality and performance improvements, version 3 will include the following enhancements:

– Newly designed Graphical Interface
– Performance Improvement
– IPv6 support
– TLS support
– IVR Design (Brekeke PBX)

Download the v3.0.5.5 
Download Brekeke SIP Server:

Download Brekeke PBX:

QuickStart Guide
QuickStart Guide for Brekeke SIP Server v3:

QuickStart Guide for Brekeke PBX v3:

What’s new in the version 3?

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