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Bekeke News: July 2008

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This month’s HOT feature:

— [Brekeke PBX] Third Party Call Control (3pcc) 

Third Party Call Control ? Connects you with your customer!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can add a button on your website saying “Click here to talk to a live agent!” Well… Brekeke PBX’s Third Party Call Control (3pcc) can help you with that. 

Let’s use your Brekeke PBX and your browser to see how the 3pcc works. 

  1. Open Section 13 of Brekeke PBX Administrator Guide (Advanced) and follow the directions described there.
  2. Enter settings similar to the example shown below to allow access from your web browser. Enter the settings as a regular expression at Brekeke PBX Admintool > [Options] > [PBX system settings] > [Valid client IP Pattern]=”^192\.168.*”
  3. Follow the directions and you should be able to call the two parties that you have assigned in the URL.

Success Story using 3pcc function: RADIUSCAT CONNECT

As one of many successful application developments using the 3pcc function of Brekeke Software, we would like to introduce “RADIUSCAT CONNECT” developed by SVK Software. 

Here is the RADIUSCAT CONNECT product page at SVK Software: 

Do you have any interesting use of Brekeke products?

Share your story of how you are enjoying using Brekeke PBX. We have posted a topic at our support forum where you can share your story and share opinions. Please feel free to drop by and see how others are enjoying using Brekeke PBX! 
[link to support forum topic: http://www.brekeke-sip.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?p=20482#20482

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