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Brekeke Hot Feature News: April 2008

This month’s HOT feature: 
— [Brekeke PBX v2.x] Call Conference Part I (Notify & Limit Attendee) 
— [Brekeke PBX v2.x] Call Conference Part II (Confirm Call & Convene a meeting) — Next enews 

Tired of waiting? – Receive notification when a conference call has started

With the Brekeke PBX conference call feature, conference attendees do not need to wait in empty conference line for others to enter into a conference call. With a simple setting at the Brekeke PBX, attendees will receive a call from the Brekeke PBX when the conference call has started. Now you do not need to wait on the conference line alone! 

Here is how to set it up: 

  1. Open [Edit] page of the extension number for the virtual conference room
  2. Set attendees’ extension/telephone numbers at [Forwarding destinations*]

Once this is set, attendees (the extension/telephone number) will receive a call when a conference call has started. 

Limit Attendees – Meeting for a strict list of members

By setting numbers and extensions at the user settings of the virtual conference room extension, you can restrict who may join a particular conference call. 

  1. Open [Edit] page of the extension number for the virtual conference room
  2. At [Applied to (Caller numbers)*], set users you wish to invite to conference call.

(example 1) [Applied to (Caller numbers)*]=1001,2001,3001 
With this above settings, only extension 1001, 2001, and 3001 may enter into the conference room. 

(example 2) [Applied to (Caller numbers)*]=1* 
Only extensions or the telephone numbers beginning with “1” may enter. (i.e., 100, 1234, 16504016636) 

(example 3) [Applied to (Caller numbers)*]=2?? 
Only extensions with three digits which begin with “2” may enter. (i.e., 234,222,298) 

Other callers will receive a “busy” tone when they try to join the conference call. 

Setting up a Conference Call

Create a virtual conference room 
(Refer: Brekeke PBX Administrator Guide (Basic), Section 6.14) 

You can: 

  • Limit members who enter a conference room
  • Convene (call out) all members to a conference room
  • Join an existing conference call
  • Invite additional members/groups to a conference room

(Refer: Brekeke PBX Administrator Guide (Basic), Section 6.14 & Brekeke PBX User’s Guide, Section 1.9) 

Do you have any interesting use of Brekeke products?

Share your story of how you are enjoying using Brekeke PBX’s conference feature. We have posted a topic at our support forum where you can share your story and share opinions. Please feel free to drop by and see how others are enjoying using Brekeke PBX! 
[link to support forum topic: http://www.brekeke-sip.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?p=20482#20482] 

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