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Brekeke Hot Feature News: May 2008

This month’s HOT feature: 
— [Brekeke PBX v2.x] Call Conference Part II (Broadcast a meeting & Confirm Call) 

Everybody listen! – Broadcasting your voice through Brekeke PBX

One of the unique type of conference call is the broadcasting. Using the Automatic Monitoring* feature, you can create a broadcasting channel for your staff, students, or anyone who just wants to listen to you! This feature can be used to send alerts to rural homes, send daily news, announce lunch arrival at the break room, etc. 

How to set it up: 

  1. Open [Edit] page of the extension number for the main callee (1001)**
  2. At [Forwarding destinations*], set the extension of host of broadcasting preceding it with tilde (~).
  3. At [Automatic Monitoring*], set users to whom you wish to broadcast message. In front of extensions/telephone number, you need to place tilde (~) here also.
  4. Call the main callee’s extension to broadcast the message

(example) — setting at user 1001 
[Forwarding destinations*]=~1001 
[Automatic Monitoring*]=~2001.~3001,~96504016636 

*This feature is available only on the Brekeke PBX Pro Edition 
** You would need to set up the main callee since other callee are listening to the conversation between the main callee and the host 

Speak with a live agent – Confirm Call **NEW**

Everybody wants to talk with a live person, not with a machine. Using the new Confirm Call feature, you won’t be missing calls from your customers. By setting call forwarding at your Brekeke PBX extension, calls will be forwarded to where you are. The extension number with “Confirm Call” will not be forwarded to unwanted destination (usually voice message center of your cell phone), or answered by the wrong person (like your 3 years old daughter at home). Simply confirm to receive calls using touch tone. 

Confirm Call is a useful feature to have for your conference calls. When you convene conference call automatically (calling multiple destination at once), the atendee needs to confirm before entering into the virtual confernce call. This way, you won’t be having a confernence call with somone’s cell phone voice message center. 

How to set it up: 

  1. Set “Confirm Call” at ARS setting (Refer: http://www.brekeke-sip.com/wiki/index.php?page=30911fd6)
  2. Open [Edit] page of the extension number where you would like to forward call from
  3. At [Forwarding destinations*], set the extension/telephone number to which you would like to forward the call. Add the prefix you set at ARS to the extension/telephone number where you would like to confirm the call

[ARS] > [Settings] > [(Route of your choice)] > [OUT] 
[Matching patterns] > [To] = sip:confirm(.*)@ 
[Deploy patterns] > [To]= sip:$1@yourdomain.com 
[Deploy patterns] > [Confirm] = {confirm} 

[Users] > [Edit] 
[Forwarding destinations*]=1001,2001,confirm4016636 

In this case, at the number “401-6636”, the recipient needs to press “5” (default) in order for him/her to pick up the call. At the other extension numbers 
(1001 and 2001), they do not need to confirm to receive the call. 

Do you have any interesting use of Brekeke products?

Share your story of how you are enjoying using Brekeke PBX’s conference feature. We have posted a topic at our support forum where you can share your story and share opinions. Please feel free to drop by and see how others are enjoying using Brekeke PBX! 
[link to support forum topic: http://www.brekeke-sip.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?p=20482#20482] 

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