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Brekeke News: September 2008

In this issue:
— Benefits of Brekeke PBX Multi-Tenant Edition
— Frequently Asked Questions for Multi-Tenant Edition

What are the benefits of choosing Brekeke PBX Multi-Tenant Edition?

– Proven product stability and reliability for your PBX platform
– Flexible scalability to meet your service size and growth
– Customized (Private branding) Interfaces for Tenant Administrators & Users
– Web-based administrative tool for easy configuration & Maintenance
– Minimal upfront investment – Pay as you grow 
– Technical support provided by VoIP experts
– Minimal training required for operation & maintenance

A list of features supported by Brekeke PBX Multi-Tenant Edition:

Frequently Asked Questions about the Multi-Tenant Edition

– How many users can you host on one server?
– How many tenants can you host on one server?

With the current version of Multi-Tenant Edition, you can host up to a total of 5,000 users, and up to 1,000 tenants on one server.
*Please note that the capacity of the number of users and tenants that can be handled on one server depends on many factors; server spec, SIP UAs, network environment, the common IP-PBX feature used, number of the concurrent sessions, etc.

– Which manufacturer’s phone can we use for our service?

To minimize the compatibility issues within the system, we recommend that our partners select SIP UAs that can be connected to the service. For your reference, we have lists of devices and services that we have tested with our products on our website. 
(Interoperability List) For the devices and services not listed on the interop list, we recommend consulting with our support team for the latest information on SIP UAs and services.

Coming Soon! Version 2.2 Standard Release

We will be releasing the standard release of v2.2 in October! Subscribe to our RSS feed to receive the latest information about our product releases! http://www.brekeke.com/download/brekeke_products.rss

Privacy Statement

At Brekeke Software, we recognize that your privacy is very important. We never share your email address with anyone. Read more in the full privacy policy how Brekeke protect your privacy.

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