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Introducing 1BOX PBX Solution (9/2015)

Brekeke News : September 16, 2015
Introducing 1BOX PBX Solution

** What is it?
Brekeke’s 1Box PBX solution is a VoIP Gateway with Brekeke PBX embedded along with an FXO and/or FXS port.

Brekeke PBX is installed on a certified Gateway appliance, so there is no need to prepare hardware, nor to install the software.

A customer can plug the gateway into an office network and start using IP telephony right away. The 1Box PBX Solution supports up to 100 users.

** How is it different from other one-box products?
Even with such competitive pricing, the 1Box solution includes features that are comparable to enterprise-level services.

This means that features that are usually available only for enterprise users are now available to small office users as well.

For example, users of the 1Box PBX Solution can take advantage of unified communication with WebRTC support even when there are only 10 people in the office.

** Who will be using this product?
There are many customers who may benefit from installing this type of solution, including:

* An office that has been using a legacy PBX system which requires upgrades
* A small remote office that needs to be connected with headquarters via IP telephony network
* Offices in an area where a wide bandwidth internet connection is not available
* Customers who prefer to own a device rather than to subscribe to a cloud service

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