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Introducing Brekeke Contact Center Suite (3/2014)

Brekeke News : March 19, 2014
Introducing Brekeke Contact Center Suite

** What is Brekeke Contact Center Suite?   — Coming This May —
Brekeke Contact Center Suite (CCS) is a software suite that includes everything you need to build a smart and reliable contact center. By using this suite, your contact center can have intelligent contact routing, smart call distributions, contact center agent management and much more!

** The new software suite includes:
– Brekeke Customer Interaction Manager (CIM)
Brekeke CIM monitors and manages administrators and contact center agent accounts. In addition, it acts as an engine that provides Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and outbound call dialing.

– Brekeke Contact Analytics (CA)
Brekeke CA outputs various reports that the Contact Center uses to manage operations and to improve its quality of service. This software provides both realtime and historical reports, and also allows administrators to review realtime activities via the agent map view.

– Brekeke CRM
Brekeke CRM is designed to maximize the productivity of Contact Center operations and of its agents. It supports talk script player, creates customized agent screen design features and more. It also supports four types of dialing: predictive dialing, progressive dialing, IVR dialing and preview dialing.

** Can Brekeke Contact Center Suite be used as a Cloud service?
Absolutely! Brekeke CCS is available in convenient and affordable subscription-based licenses. It can also be combined with the multi-tenant feature, which allows you to host multiple small to medium-sized contact centers under one server. Brekeke CCS is also available with premise-based licensing upon request.

** Interested in Brekeke CCS? Contact us!
Send an inquiry to info@brekeke.com for more information.

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