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Introducing v3.7 beta (3/2017)

** Introducing v3.7 beta
The v3.7 has been released last week. This update includes these exciting new features.

A few highlights for v3.7:

#1: Auto provisioning support (Brekeke SIP Server & Brekeke PBX)
We prepared templates for the following SIP phone manufactures
* Yealink
* Polycom
* Panasonic
* Grandstream
* Cisco SPA series

#2: Web Phone support (Brekeke PBX) – web-based (WebRTC) softphone

Web Phone – bundled WebRTC based softphone 

How to setup the bundled Web Phone 

#3: Codec G.729 free version (Brekeke PBX) – No Codec G.729 option required!


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