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New Brekeke SIP Server failover based on SIP response or timeout (1/2010)

Brekeke News: January 2010

In this issue:

— New Brekeke SIP Server failover based on SIP response or timeout
— Added Polycom KIRK DECT phone support

High availability SIP service with more flexibility and customizability
The new update of Brekeke SIP Server’s failover feature can easily be added to any existing Advanced Edition of Brekeke SIP Server. No updates or changes to the operating license are required. You can take advantage of this new feature simply by adding the free plug-in provided by Brekeke. 

Instructions on how to add failover based on SIP response or timeout: 

Confirmed interoperability with Polycom KIRK DECT handsets
With a long battery life and superb voice quality, Polycom’s KIRK DECT handsets offer an excellent IP desktop phone option.

Configuration sample for Polycom KIRK DECT handsets:

Read the press release of this interoperability certification: 

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