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Redundancy/High Availability SIP Server + Version 2.3 Update (4/2009)

Brekeke News: April 2009

In this issue:

— Redundancy/High Availability SIP Server
— Version 2.3 Beta (2nd) Release for Brekeke SIP Server & Brekeke PBX

Redundancy/High Availability with Brekeke SIP Server Advanced Edition
Brekeke SIP Server’s redundancy feature delivers high availability and consistent operation for your service. 

– Instant automatic failover to provide continuous service
– Detects failure using Heartbeat feature to minimize downtime

By mirroring real-time SIP session data and registration data, the Brekeke SIP Server Advanced Edition can provide high availability and reliability for your service. The Mirroring feature requires two Brekeke SIP Server Advanced Editions, one assigned as a primary and other as a secondary server. Heartbeat feature monitors network entities at frequent intervals. If a failure is detected, the failover feature executes pre-defined actions such as IP address switching or sending an alert email.

Lean more about Brekeke SIP Server Advanced Edition:

What’s new in v2.3 Beta?
[Brekeke SIP Server]
– Redundancy Methods – Session Mirroring (Advanced Edition only)
– Accept multiple registration jobs in one thread (Advanced Edition only)
– User Interface updates

Download: Brekeke SIP Server v2.3.4.8

[Brekeke PBX]
– BLF/SCA/Presence Support
– Redundancy Methods – Auto-Sync (Multi-Tenant Edition only)
– More efficient use of memory and processing resources
– User Interface updates 

Download: Brekeke PBX v2.3.4.8

Update info for Brekeke SIP Server:

Update info for Brekeke PBX:

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