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Tips from our Developers: Block Unwanted Calls (7/2009)

Brekeke News: July 2009

In this issue:

— Tips from our Developers: Block Unwanted Calls
— Updated Manuals for v2.3 available 
— Partnership with a Leader in the Healthcare Industry: Rauland-Borg
— New and improved Brekeke Wiki

Tips from our Developers: How to block unwanted calls?
Our developers will share tips on how to set up Brekeke products. In this topic, our engineers show how to block unwanted marketing calls using a public database. Visit our wiki for more tips for Brekeke products!

View topic: http://wiki.brekeke.com/wiki/Automatically-Block-Unwanted-Calls

Updated product manuals for v2.3 are available for download!
Below are the lists of documents we have recently updated:

[Brekeke SIP Server]
Administrator’s Guide: http://www.brekeke-sip.com/download/bss/bss_admin_en.pdf

[Brekeke PBX]
Users Guide: http://www.brekeke-sip.com/download/bpbx/v2_1/pbx_manual_user_en.pdf
Administrator’s Guide (Basic): http://www.brekeke-sip.com/download/bpbx/v2_1/bpbx_admin_basic_en.pdf
Administrator’s Guide (Advanced): http://www.brekeke-sip.com/download/bpbx/v2_1/bpbx_admin_advanced_en.pdf

Partnership with a Leader in the Healthcare Industry 
Brekeke formed a technology partnership with the market leader in Nurse Call communication systems, Rauland-Borg (http://www.rauland.com/). We are committed to provide high quality SIP communication products for hospitals and healthcare institutions in the U.S. and Canada.

About Rauland-Borg: http://www.brekeke.com/company/company_partners_business.php

Renewed Brekeke Wiki
The new wiki provides clean and easy navigation, tips and up-to-date information of Brekeke products. 

Brekeke Wiki: http://wiki.brekeke.com/wiki/

You should follow Brekeke on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Brekeke

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