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Version 2.3 Now Available | BLF/SCA/Presence Feature Added (2/2009)

Brekeke News: February 2009

In this issue:

— BLF (Busy Lamp Field), SCA (Shared Call Appearance), & Presence Support Added
— Version 2.3 Alpha Release for Brekeke SIP Server & Brekeke PBX
— Refreshed and Updated Product Manuals for Brekeke SIP Server & Brekeke PAL

BLF (Busy Lamp Field), SCA (Shared Call Appearance), & Presence support added to Brekeke PBX 
BLF allows a phone to monitor the status of an extension associated with the button. SCA allows a phone to monitor the status of a line associated with the button. Utilizing either BLF or SCA, a user can pick up calls for the specific extension or line. 

Our team has confirmed compatibility of BLF & SCA on Polycom, Snom, Linksys, and X-lite (presence) so far. 

For instructions on how to set up BLF/SCA with Brekeke PBX and your phones, please refer to the topic on our wiki:

What’s new in v2.3 Alpha?
[Brekeke SIP Server]
– Redundancy Methods – Session Mirroring (configurable from product Admintool)
– Accept multiple registration jobs in one thread (Advanced Edition only)

[Brekeke PBX Multi-Tenant Edition]
– BLF/SCA/Precense Support 
– Redundancy Methods – Auto-Sync 

– Web Service – additional supported features
– Brekeke PAL – Multi-Tenant Edition Compatibility, Improved Notification Packet Size

Update info for Brekeke SIP Server:

Update info for Brekeke PBX:
New Product Manual Available
Brekeke SIP Server Administrative Guide:

Brekeke PAL Developer’s Guide:
http://www.brekeke-sip.com/download/pal/brekeke_pal_manual_dev-guide_v2_3_en.pdf (PDF)

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