Configure Lync or OCS for Brekeke PBX

Note: in this instruction, the domain name is, OCS is B3OCS01, and the Mediation Server is B3MS01. 

  • Specify the Brekeke PBX’s address
      1. On the Mediation Server, click Start -> Administrative Tools -> Office Communications Server 2007.
      2. In the Office Communications Server 2007, Administrative Tools console, expand Forest –, expand Mediation Servers, and then click
      3. Right-click and then click Properties.
      4. Click the Next Hop Connections tab.
      5. Under PSTN Gateway next hop, in the IP address text box, type the Brekeke PBX’s IP address and then in the Port box, accept the default of 5060 and then click OK.
  • Restart the Mediation Server
    1. Right-click and then click Stop.
    2. Right-click and then click Start.
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