Connecting with CyberData VoIP Intercom

This document explains how to use Brekeke SIP Server with CyberData VoIP Intercom. The CyberData SIP-enabled VoIP Intercom is a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE 802.3af) and Voice-over-IP (VoIP) door entry device that easily connects into existing local area networks (LANs) with a single cable connection. For more nformation on this product, please go to


Configure for Brekeke SIP Server

Once you have connected to the intercom, please set the following to register the intercom to Brekeke SIP Server.
CyberData VoIP Intercom default IP is and default login ID and password are admin/admin.

  1. Go to [SIP Setup] tab, assign the Brekeke SIP Server adress and speaker registration SIP ID
    such as:
    SIP Server:
    Remote SIP Port:5060
    SIP User ID:205(e.g.)
    SIP Registration: Yes
    Dial-Out Extension: Any registered SIP Server user or Brekeke PBX user
    If you set authentication as on at Brekeke SIP Server side,
    please also set the [Authentication ID] and [Authentication Password], which should be the same as those you have created at Brekeke SIP Sever>[User Authentication].
    By default settings at Brekeke SIP Server, the Authenticaiton ID should be the same as the SIP User ID, which is 205 in this example.
  2. Save Settings

After the speaker have rebooted, you will see the registration record at Brekeke SIP Server>[Registered Clients]

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