Connecting with DIDx

DIDx ( offers inbound telephone service using the VoIP standard SIP. The service provides users with local PSTN numbers. And you can receive calls over the Internet from up to 60 countries. This document will explain how to utilize Brekeke PBX with DIDx.

Setting Up A DIDx Account

Please obtain an account from DIDx Website And point the DID number you got to your PBX global IP address,like, DID@pbxIP, or pbxExt@pbxIP, then the call to the DID number will be routed to your pbx.

Brekeke SIP Server Dial Plan Settings

Dial Plan can accommodate the unique requirements of each VoIP service provider.
The following dialplan may need when auth is set on at Brekeke PBX bundled SIP server.

Receiving calls from DIDx number
Matching Patterns Deploy Patterns
$request = ^INVITE
$auth = false

This Dial Plan needs to be placed before “To PBX” (default dial plan)

Brekeke PBX ARS Settings

The following ARS rule may be needed to route calls from DIDx to a Brekeke PBX extension

Matching Patterns Deploy Patterns
To: sip:(did_number)@ To: pbx_ext
Yes No
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