Connecting with InPhonex

InPhonex ( is a VoIP service company founded in 2003, with its voice and data network based in Miami, Florida, USA. Besides making/receiving VoIP calls to/from VoIP telephone numbers and making VoIP calls to PSTN telephone numbers, InPhonex provides an option for you to have real Miami telephone number (DID) to receive PSTN calls from anyone. This document will explain how to utilize Brekeke PBX with InPhonex.


Setting Up a InPhonex Account

Go to InPhonex website to open an account.

InPhonex DID Number Proxy Address User ID/Number Password
13058888888 7000001(ex) xyz12345
ARS Configuration for InPhonex

To define ARS settings for your BroadVoice account:

  • Brekeke PBX v3.1Click InPhonex from  [ARS] menu in Brekeke PBX Admintool, then click on [New Route] button and set[Route Name] 7000001 or any other name
    [Password] xyz12345
    [Account User ID] 7000001
    [Forward Extension Number] 1001(ex)
    [User Class] Brekeke PBX user extensions whose class setting is the same class as that set in this field can make outbound calls through this ARS route
  • Brekeke PBX v3.0 and earlier
    Open InPhonex ARS setup page from [Brekeke PBX Admintool]> [ARS]> [Settings]> [InPhonex]. Click on the [Edit Variables] and enter the information for each variable.

    1. v1: 7000001(ex) InPhonex UserID
    2. v2(Password): xyz12345(ex) InPhonex password
    3. v3:1001(ex) PBX Extension number for receiving incoming calls
    4. Click on [Save And Update] button.
    5. Click on [Edit Template] to go back to Route Template page. Uncheck [disabled] button in General setting.
    6. Click on [Save And Update] button.
How to Make Calls
  • Incoming call: Calling from PSTN phone number in the US to Brekeke PBX extension 1001.
    Dial as: 3058888888(DID number provided by InPhonex)
  • Outgoing Call: Calling from Brekeke PBX extension to a PSTN number in the US.
    Dial as: 9+area code+landline number
    (Here: 9 is the prefix you defined at Brekeke PBX ARS.).
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