Connecting with POLYCOM SoundPoint IP 650/330

This document explains how to use Brekeke SIP Server with the POLYCOM SoundPoint IP 650/330 hard phone. The POLYCOM SoundPoint IP Phone is a standards-based IP phone that is one of the leading suppliers of innovative telecommunication solutions. It offers know-how and comprehensive technical competence in the field of analogue, digital and IP telephony, SoundPoint IP 650 phone offers exclusive devices that provide attractive design and user-friendly menu guidance.


Start POLYCOM SoundPoint IP 650/330 Phone

Set up your SoundPoint IP 650/330 Phone, with a fixed IP address (Ex: and subnet mask of Please refer to the below link to set the IP address and the user settings manually.

Once the IP address is configured you can access POLYCOM SoundPoint IP 650/330 Phone webpage by (example of selected IP address).


Phone login:
  1. Enter User name: Polycom (default)
  2. Enter Password: 456 (default)
  3. Click on [OK] button

Note: the username and password are case-sensitive.

Brekeke SIP Server setting

At [SIP] page on the phone user interface, type in SIP Server IP address, Port and Transport at [Server1].
If Outbound Proxy is used, also enter the necessary information at [Outbound Proxy].

Phone Line Setting

The phone will need to register to Brekeke SIP Server so it also needs to know the SIP Server’s IP address. When configuring POLYCOM SoundPoint IP 650/330 Phone, enter user/phone number (Ex.4012) in the “Identification” field and your Brekeke SIP Server IP address in “Server 1” field.

Line settings:
  • Select [Lines] from phone’s user interface
  • Set line parameters for [Line1]
  • [Identification]: phone number for line1 and user authentication info
  • [server 1]: Brekeke SIP server IP Address, port number and Transport type

Use the following steps to complete the configuration:

  1. Identification field:
    1. Enter the “Address”: 4012(ex)
    2. Enter the “Auth User ID”: 4012(ex)
    3. Enter the “Auth Password”: XXXX
    4. Enter the “Num Line Keys”: 4(ex)
    5. Enter the “Calls Per Line”: 1 (ex)
  2. Server 1 field:
    1. Enter the “Address”: (ex)
    2. Enter the “Port”: 5060(ex)
    3. Set the “Transport”: UDPonly
    4. Click on the[Submit], the phone will be restarted automatically

For more specified settings, such as DTMF setting and updated software, please use FTP/TFTP/HTTP/HTTPS to do the configuration, please refer to

Brekeke SIP Server’s Registration Page

Click the [Registered Clients] tab of Brekeke SIP Server admintool

POLYCOM SoundPoint IP 650/330 Phone is registered with Brekeke SIP Server.

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