Connecting with Triad Telecom

Triad Telecom( ) is the nation’s leader in business class voice over IP telecommunications service and VoIP trunking. The service allows users making/receiving VoIP calls to/from VoIP telephone numbers and making VoIP calls to PSTN telephone numbers. This document will explain how to utilize Brekeke PBX with Triad Telecom.

Setting Up a Triad Telecom Account

Triad Telecom authorizes client calls by client IP address. There is no registration required from clients to Triad Telecom.
Please obtain a DID number from Triad Telecom website for PSTN calls.

DID/PSTN Telephone Number Triad Telecom Server Address
650-227-0001( Ex)
Brekeke PBX ARS Configuration for Triad Telecom

Create ARS patterns IN and OUT for sending/receiving calls by Triad Telecom from Brekeke PBX Admintool > [ARS] menu > [New Route]. Set up ARS route as following:

[General] section:
This setting will register your DID number to Brekeke PBX bundled SIP Server.
And default dial plan “To PBX From ITSP” will be applied to route the calls from Triad Telecom to PBX side.

[Register URI] sip:&v1@
[Proxy Address]

[Patterns – IN] section:
To route the calls from Triad Telecom to a Brekeke PBX user which is set in v3, such as an auto attendant number.

[Matching Patterns]
To: sip:&v1@

[Deploy Patterns]
To: &v3

[Patterns – OUT] section:
10-digit dialing number calls will be considered as outbound calls and sent to Triad Telecom server IP.
10-digit PSTN number is required for all US domestic calls with Triad Telecom.

[Matching Patterns]
To: sip:([0-9]{10})@

[Deploy Patterns]
From: "&v1"<sip:&v1@Brekeke_PBX_global_IP>
To: sip:$1@

[Edit Variables]:
click on [Edit Variables] at upper-right of ARS template page and enter the information for each variable.

  1. Enter the user ID that your received from Triad Telecom in “v1”: 6502270001(ex)
  2. Enter the PBX Extension number for receiving incoming calls in “v3”:1001(ex)
  3. Click on [Save And Update] button.
  4. Go back to Route Template page. Uncheck [disabled] button in General setting.
  5. Click on [Save And Update] button.
How to Make Calls
  • Incoming call: Calling from PSTN phones in the US to Brekeke PBX extension 1001.
    Dial as: 6502270001 or 16502270001
  • Outgoing Call: Calling from Brekeke PBX extension to a PSTN number in the US.
    Dial as: Area code + Landline number (a 10-digit destination PSTN number)
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