Connecting with Voxbone

Voxbone ( provides international VOIP DID numbers and worldwide VOIP origination services. The company provides worldwide virtual phone numbers and runs a VoIP backbone distributed around two main POPs, in Brussels and New York. The switchless architecture of the Voxbone network enables customers to realize the benefits of IP communications by rapidly deploying new services and local presence, and simultaneously reducing costs. This document will explain how to utilize Voxbone with Brekeke PBX.

Setting Up a Voxbone Account

Go to Voxbone website to open an account and apply a local DID number

UserID: brekeke(ex) 
password: xyz12345 
DID: 6508888888
Mapping Voxbone DID number to Brekeke SIP Server

Login to your Voxbone account
Go to [Configure]>[URIs]>[All URIs] and add the URI:

Protocal: SIP
URI: sip:100@ (ex)

  • 100 = Brekeke PBX user, it can be Auto Attendant or a registered SIP phone
  • = Brekeke SIP Server IP address if it is public or your router address if Brekeke SIP server is behind a router.
Brekeke PBX Settings
  1. Create user 100 at Brekeke PBX
  2. When Brekeke SIP Server is behind a router, do the following settings:
    • [Configuration]>[System]>[Network]>[Interface address1]: Global IP address of router
    • Set the port forwarding at router side
      • SIP exchanger — Local Port [UDP]
        Default value: 5060 (default)
      • RTP exchanger — From Minimum Port to Maximum Port [UDP]
        • UDP: 10000 – 10999 (Brekeke PBX v2 default RTP port at SIP Server)
          UDP: 10000 – 29999 (Brekeke PBX v3 default RTP port at SIP Server)
        • UDP: 11000 – 11999 (Brekeke PBX v2 default RTP port at PBX)
          UDP: 30000 – 49999 (Brekeke PBX v3 default RTP port at PBX)
        • UDP: 12000 – 12999 (Brekeke PBX v2 default RTP port at Media Server)
          UDP: 50000 – 59999 (Brekeke PBX v3 default RTP port at Media Server)
How to Make Calls

Calling from PSTN phone number in the US to Brekeke PBX extension 100
Dial as: 6508888888 (DID number provided by Voxbone)
The phone with userID 100 will ring or the call is answered by IVR when user 100 is Auto Attendant.

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