Connecting with VTech Business Phones

This document explains how to use Brekeke products with VTech Business phones. For more information on this product, please visit

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Configure VTech Business Phone

Set up the VTechSIP phone with a fixed IP address (Ex: and subnet mask (Ex: Once the IP address is configured, you can access VTech phone’s web user interface from (example of selected IP address).

Please complete the following steps:

  1. Enter User name: admin (default)
  2. Enter Password: admin (default)
  3. Click on [OK] button
Network Setup

Click on the [Network] tab to complete the network setup.

  • Select [Static IP Address]
  • Enter the “IP Address”:
  • Enter the “Subnet mask”:
  • Enter the “Gateway”:
  • Enter the “Primary DNS”:
  • Click on [Save] button.

Phone Configuration

Click on the [SYSTEM] tab

1. Select” Account1” from the left menu.

2. General Account Settings

Enable Account : checked
Account Label , Display Name, Register Name: 222 example phone number
User Name: 222
Password: 222 -- set when REGISTER and INVITE Authentication are set ON at Brekeke side
SIP Server: (ex)

3. SIP Server

Server Address:

4. Registration

Server Address:

5. Click save button.

Confirm successful registration at Brekeke SIP server

 Click the [Registered Clients] menu of Brekeke product admintool >[SIP Server]->Registered Clients

VTech SIP Phone is registered at Brekeke SIP Server.

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