How to set paging function on the phone side

Polycom SoundPoint IP650/330

At phone’s ‘sip.cfg’ file, modify the line in the SIP tag as following

  • For audio connected immediately, set as
    < alertinfo voipprot.sip.alertinfo.1.class=”3″ voipprot.sip.alertinfo.1.value=”Auto Answer”>
  • For audio connected after one ring tone, set as
    < alertinfo voipprot.sip.alertinfo.1.class=”4″ voipprot.sip.alertinfo.1.value=”Auto Answer”>
Linksys SPA941/962

At phone’s user interface

  1. Click “Admin Login” then “Advanced”
  2. Go to “User” tab > “Supplementary Services”
  3. Set “yes” to “Auto Answer Page”
Snom360, Snom820, Snom870

At phone’s user interface

  1. Click “Advanced”
  2. At “Phone Behavior”
    • For Snom360,
      [´Answer After´ Policy] only in idle or always
    • For Snom820, Snom870,
      [Type of Intercom Answering] handset free
      [Intercom Policy] only in idle or always
Grandstream GXP-2000

At phone’s user interface

  1. Choose an Account you want to use paging on
  2. Set [Allow Auto Answer by Call-Info:] Yes
    Set [Turn off speaker on remote disconnect:] Yss
  3. Save your change and restart phone
AGEphone v.1.80

At phone’s skin

Go to “Options” > “Server Settings” > “Paging”, set Paging to “Always”

ClearOne MAX IP

No specific setting need. Paging function works even the setting of auto answer on the phone is off

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