Set up Flexible Button on Panasonic KX-UT1xx

The following configuration is to set up flexible buttons at Panasonic KX-UT1xx phones to show line status when using Brekeke PBX shared call appearance(SCA) and Busy Lamp Field(BLF) feature.

  • For shared call appearance(SCA)
    From [Telephone] > [Flexible Button Settings], set 
    Type: DN
    Parameter:<ringtone><shared line number>, such as 1,2 means ringtone is 1 and shared line number is line 2
    Label Name: text to show this line name on phone screen when answering or making a shared line call. 
  • For Busy Lamp Field(BLF)
    From [Telephone] > [Flexible Button Settings], set 
    Type: BLF
    Parameter:<monitored PBX user extension ID>, such as, 101 means this phone will get Brekeke PBX user 100 call status
    Label Name: text to show this line name on phone screen.

    To pick up a call with BLF button when there is a call to monitored user,
    From [Telephone] > [Call Control] -> [Directed Call Pickup]: * (star, default Brekeke PBX pickup prefix)

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