Set Up Polycom Kirk DECT handset

The Polycom KWS300 is a SIP user agent application that provides VoIP capabilities through an Internet telephony server.
Here is configuration about Polycom KWS300 and Polycom DECT handsets: KIRK 2010, KIRK 5020, and KIRK 4020

Configure Brekeke products

1. For Brekeke SIP Server:
  • If [Brekeke SIP Server] > [Configuration]>[SIP]>[Authenticaion]: [REGISTER] and [INVITE] is set as ON
    please create authentication account from [Brekeke SIP Server] > [User Authentication]>[New User], such as
    User: 2010
    password: 1234
    Confirm Password: 1234
  • If [Brekeke SIP Server] > [Configuration]>[SIP]>[Authenticaion]: [REGISTER] and [INVITE] is set as OFF,
    no additional setup is needed
2. For Brekeke PBX:
  • Check the above setup in “For Brekeke SIP Server” about settings at PBX bundled SIP Server
  • Create user 2010 from [Brekeke PBX]>[Users]>[New User]

Configure Polycom KWS300 and handsets

For more detailed information, please check Polycom configuration sample from here 

1. Login:

For the first time access to KWS300 Administration Page through the standard web browser,
use the following default IP address and credentials
IP Address:
User name: admin
Password: kws300

Change IP address setting from [Configuration]>[General] as you need.
In this example, KWS300 IP is

2. SIP Configuraion:

Go to KWS300 > [Configuraion] > [SIP] tab, set as following
Transport: UDP only
Default domain: Brekeke SIP server or PBX IP address
Proxy: Brekeke SIP server or PBX IP address
leave other field as default or change them as you need.

3. Subscribe DECT handsets to KWS300:

Please check the DECT handset user guide for SUBSCRIBE menu for subscribe feature of different types of handset
If DECT handset subscribes to KWS300 successfully, you will see the handset is listed in [KWS300]>[Users]>[List Users]

Click on the handset numbers listed above and go to handset user page and set as below

[SIP] section:
Username/Extension: 2010
Domain: leave it blank if it will be the same Brekeke server IP as set above
Displayname: any
Authentication user: the same user as set in [Configure Brekeke product], ex. 2010
Authenticaion password: the same user as set in [Configure Brekeke product], ex. 1234
Disabled: unchecked

save the setting and the handset will register to Brekeke product as [user] 2010 with [Contact URI] sip:2010@
Check from Brekeke admintool >[SIP Server]>[Registered Clients]

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