Setting Up a sipgate Account

Go to sipgate website to open an account.

From “Settings” link in your sipgate account, you can find SIP-ID and SIP password and SIP Server data, like Registry, Proxy…
From “Home” tab in your sipgate account, you can find “Your business card”.
There is an 11-digit Telephone number, which is your DID number

PSTN(DID)Number Proxy Server SIP-ID SIP Password
08700888888( Ex) 1688888(Ex) xyz12345
ARS Configuration for sipgate

To define ARS settings for your Sipgate account:

  • Brekeke PBX v3.1Click sipgate from  [ARS] menu in Brekeke PBX Admintool, then click on [New Route] button and set

    [Route Name] 08700888888 or any other name
    [Password] xyz12345
    [SIP-ID] 1688888
    [Forward Extension Number] 1001(ex)
    [User Class] Brekeke PBX user extensions whose class setting is the same class as that set in this field can make outbound calls through this ARS route

  • Brekeke PBX v3.0 and earlierOpen sipgate ARS setup page from [Brekeke PBX Admintool]> [ARS]> [Settings]> [sipgate].
    Click on the [Edit Variables] and enter the information for each variable.

    1. v1: 1688888(ex) SIP-ID
    2. v2(Password): xyz12345(ex) SIP password
    3. v3:1001(ex) PBX Extension number for receiving incoming calls
    4. Click on [Save And Update] button.
    5. Click on [Edit Template] to go back to Route Template page. Uncheck [disabled] button in General setting.
    6. Click on [Save And Update] button.
How to Make Calls
  • Incoming call: Calling from PSTN phone number in the US to Brekeke PBX extension 1001.
    Dial as: 01144 + 8700888888(DID number)
    (Here: 01144 is the prefix needed. As sipgate is a UK based company, the international code for dialing in would be 011+44).
  • Outgoing Call: Calling from Brekeke PBX extensions to a PSTN number in the US.
    Dial as: 9+001+area code+landline number
    (Here: 9 is the prefix defined at Brekeke PBX ARS. 001 is US country code.)
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