Virtual Global Phone

Virtual Global Phone ( offers telephone service using the VoIP standard SIP. The service allow users making and/or receiving VoIP calls to/from VoIP telephone numbers and making VoIP calls to PSTN telephone numbers. This document will explain how to set up Brekeke PBX with Virtual Global Phone’s telephone service.


Create a Virtual Global Phone account and order their SIP Trunk service.


Example: The following information is provided by Virtual Global Phone.

Allocated number SIP URL SIP User name SIP Password
12102011138 brekeke DemoPassword


ARS configuration at Brekeke PBX for Virtual Global Phone

Click [ARS] menu in Brekeke PBX admintool, then click on [New Route] button and set:

[Route Name] "brekeke_virtual" or any other name 
[Tenant] Set the tenant name that uses this route. *1
[Register URI] *2
[Proxy Address] *3
[User] brekeke *4
[Password] DemoPassword


For Inbound call:

Create new Patterns – IN at this new route, and set:

Matching patterns
[Apply to Request URI instead of To] Checked
[Apply only to calls related to registration] Checked

Deploy patterns
[To] Set the destination extension number 
For Outbound call:

Create new Patterns – OUT at this new route, and set:

Matching patterns
[To] sip:([0-9]{10,20})@

Deploy patterns
[From] sip:12102011138@
[To]  sip:&


*1. Required only for Brekeke PBX Multi-Tenant Edition.

*2. Set “sip:<SIP User name>@<SIP URL>”.

*3,4. These fields can be left blank, when the address of proxy server and user are the same as Register URI’s domain and the user account.

*5. Outbound format of Virtual Global Phone:

00 CountryCode Number (example: 0016501234567)
+ CountryCode Number (example: +16501234567)

In the above ARS settings, we assumed that the format “00 CountryCode Numbe” is  used.


Example of settings:

Yes No
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