VoIP INNOVATIONS ( offers telephone service using the VoIP standard SIP. The service allow users making and/or receiving VoIP calls to/from VoIP telephone numbers and making VoIP calls to PSTN telephone numbers. This document will explain how to utilize Brekeke PBX with VoIP INNOVATIONS.


Setting Up a VoIP INNOVATIONS Account

After log in your account, purchase DIDs.

Example: DID number “16501234567” is used as an example.

DID VoIP INNOVATIONS primary origination server Password
16501234567 N/A *1


ARS Configuration at Brekeke PBX for VoIP INNOVATIONS

Click [ARS] menu in Brekeke PBX Admintool, then click on [New Route] button and set:

[Route Name] "16501234567" or any other name 
[Tenant] Set the tenant name that uses this route. *2
[Register URI] sip:+16501234567@ *3,*4


For Inbound call:

Create new Patterns – IN at this new route, and set:

[Apply to Request URI instead of To] Checked
[Apply only to calls related to registration] Checked
For Outbound call:

Create new Patterns – OUT at this new route, and set:

Matching patterns
[To] sip:([0-9]{10,20})@

Deploy patterns
[From] sip:16501234567@
[To]  sip:&t1@


*1. Authentication is not required.

*2. Brekeke PBX Multi-tenant edition Only.

*3. Set “sip:<your DID number>@″.

*4. VoIP INNOVATION send calls with the Plus”+ and Country Code(CC) as default. You can strip them at VoIP INNOVATIONS’ website.  If you strip them , you should change the value of [Register URI] like “sip:6501234567@“.



Example of settings:

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