How to run the sample programs

JTAPI sample programs are in Install_dir\sample directory.

  1. Change the following part in each program.
    • myprovider = peer.getProvider(“BrProvider; pdir=”);
    • (Change \ to / in the path)
  2. Compilation
    • Specify the following path in the build class path and compile the sample program.
    • Install_dir\work\jar\jtapi-spec.jar (JTAPI version 1.4)
    • Install_dir\work\jar\jtapibase.jar
  3. Setting Properties
    • Please find the file “” in Install_dir\work.
    • Set SIP user name, auth user, password, SIP Proxy IP address, SIP listening port,
    • total inbound and outbound concurrent sessions in the
  4. Run the sample program
    • Run the program putting the following into the Classpath.
    • Install_dir\work\jar\jtapibase.jar
    • Install_dir\work\jar\jtapi-spec.jar
    • Install_dir\work\jar\log4j.jar
    • Install_dir\work\jar\log4j-core.jar
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