Product ID & Activation

How to migrate a license without interruptions (online activation)

When you have to move a license to a different machine, but you cannot interrupt the service you are running. This example will help you successfully migrate your system.

Example setting
  • Product ID (BR123123123)
  • Server A (Current production server that runs the Brekeke product)
  • Server B (New server that you wish to move the Brekeke product to)
  1. Activate the Product ID (BR123123123) at Server B.You will be asked to move the license from Server A. Go ahead and move the license to Server B
  2. Now, the license has been moved to Server B.
  3. Server A will continue running for at least 10 more days. In those 10 days, both Server A and Server B will run without any interruptions.
  4. Once you confirm a successful migration, make sure to uninstall/delete the Brekeke file from Server A to avoid any license issue in the future.
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