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3. Set up Heartbeat at Brekeke PBX


From version of Brekeke PBX, the mirroring function is enhanced significantly. Now, the basic heartbeat and switching over feature are included in the mirroring function.  With this update, no additional settings at [Heartbeat] page are required when settings explained on this page is applied.


The configuration sample for setting up Heartbeat function can be found at wiki page Brekeke SIP Server Heartbeat under Brekeke SIP Server Redundancy topic.

Start Heartbeat

To start using heartbeat function, first, click on the [start] button at Brekeke PBX [SYSTEM] > [Redundancy] > [Heartbeat] page.

When [Auto Start] checkbox is checked, the heartbeat on the secondary server will automatically start when Brekeke PBX restarted.

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